Wednesday Redo: Stenciled Chair

I've gotta admit, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have thought of this...
So, thank goodness there are people out there that do!

Check out the whole tutorial over at a little bite of EVERYTHING.

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Dressed and Ready.

I had a second to fill the shelves this weekend...although I do apologize, it was cloudy and rainy all weekend, so my pictures could have been better. 
(I should have waited, but I was much too impatient.) 


(and opened)

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The Newest Addition...

I wish I had a fabulous tutorial to share with you...
with detailed pictures and a complete how-to...
but I have none of those.
Wood work isn't and probably never will be in my cards.

Instead, I have Pop.
I guess you haven't met Pop before (that's him in the green, by the way).
Despite the incredible pieces of furniture he's created, he's always been pretty modest about his carpentry skills.
But, if you ask me...

a picture is worth a thousand words.

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Wednesday Redo: Thrift Store Vases

Even if you don't frequent a thrift store, chances are you've seen these before. In fact, I'm not sure I've ever been in one where I didn't see one or two.

...and when you know what they can look like with a little tlc, the 50 cent price tag seems even better than too good to be true.

Check out Anderson & Grant's thrift store transformity HERE.

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Making Headway...

Last week I showed you the craft room...
Well, I had a chance to get a few things organized since then...and even hang a few things in the process.

Maybe you remember the "wow wall" from the old house?
I did love that set up...but unfortunately it just wasn't working in this small space. So, I had to revamp it. Instead, I hung the pieces of fabric on strands of jute.

There's still a few things to do yet in here, but I'm making headway. ;)

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Flea Find: A Farm Table

So, back to the flea market finds...
(I told you I'd get to them at some point.)

That really was quite a day.

Believe it or not, I found TWO tables that day...no wait, I take that back...THREE tables that day!
This was one of them.

Those aqua chairs you see are from the old house...ones I found at a local thrift store years ago.

The white chairs are from IKEA...thanks to Fleming's recommendation (who swears they were one of the best IKEA purchases she's ever made).

Here's a sneak peek at the kitchen area. There's still more to situate, but if you only knew how far I've come...

Have a great weekend, guys!
...and happy hunting!

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Wednesday Redo: Rolling Drawers

OHHH, how I love this idea!
What a smart use of an old, cheap, good-for-nothing drawer!

...under tables...under beds...under couches...
I gotta do this.

Check out the whole tutorial on honeybearlane.

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