the fall mantel

I couldn't tell you why...but I've gotten on a major wheat kick this year. 
I'm loving it...like really loving it.
It screams fall, but yet it's so simple and natural.

 I couldn't go without using the fall banner I got from these girls several years ago...

and of course, you don't walk too far around this place without a chalkboard in view.

Putting it together really made it feel fall around here...even in a place I've never really "felt" fall before.
It's really quite fabulous.

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Fall Mantels (from the past)

I guess it's that time of year again...the annual blast from the past holiday posts have officially begun.
It's a little bittersweet this year...as we no longer have this sweet little mantel anymore. But, how wonderful to have such great memories of our old house...

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Wednesday Redo: Bookends

You better think twice before you toss any old bricks...

Check out how to transform your pile of bricks HERE.

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Y'all are gonna think I'm crazy...

but I added a little something new to our shelf yesterday.

OOOkay, let me explain.
I don't know if I told you or not, but the couple who owned this house before us had 4 children. So, needless to say, move-in week we found a lot of hidden stuff...
ONE of which happened to be a shoe...in a tree.
I spyed it there out of the corner of my eye...and couldn't help but laugh.

Silly, but I guess it was then that I realized how kinda sweet that dirty old shoe was...and everything else we happened to have found stuffed in the AC vents, smashed in the carpets, stuck to the floors, buried in the yard. Maybe it even made me realized how much this house really was loved before us.

So, it made me want to keep a small piece of that...

whatever it may be.

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Fun Find: This Tufted Chair

Of course, I couldn't pass it up.
I saw it there in the Goodwill...holding it's arms out to me.
I just couldn't walk away.

My eyes were immediately drawn to those big green buttons and its lush green velvet. :)
I almost thought it was too good to be true,
and then I saw just one small problem...
no cushion.

Now, if you're really lucky, then you know how to upholster things and you could whip up something in a flash, but if you're me, you don't.
However, I do happen to know someone fabulous who does. So, I gave my gal a few measurements and a small pattern I created by taping paper together.

And, wouldn't you know it, a whole new chair.

Funny. This chair makes the 4th fabulous thrift chair in the room...
And, I'll be derned if that's not something to be proud of.

(P.S. I'll get a family room tour done soon...my "all around" camera lens broke last week...grrrr...sooooo...I'm trying to figure out what to do next...
in fact, if you have any suggestions, I'd love to hear them! I've got an old school Nikon D60 and it was the "kit" lens that broke. It's gotta be something similar that would capture a whole room...and I wouldn't mind stepping it up a small notch...)

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A niche...really?

When we first looked at this house, we all kinda joked about these little niches that sat tucked on either side of the front door. "How weird," I thought. Why in the world would someone need such a thing? 

The people that lived here before us simply hung a single picture in each one. It was fine, but still looked a bit awkward and somewhat out of place...

For a while there I went back and forth with what I would do with the spaces, but once I recieved Fleming's little housewarming gift, I became pretty certain about at least one of them...

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Fun Find: vintage embroidery

I guess we've been in our new house about 3 months now, and I'm embarrassed to say it took a good 2 before we had Fleming and her crowd over for supper.
Ridiculous, I know. Especially seeing as how they only live about 5 miles from here.

After ripping open the bag she brought that night, I was so consumed with how incredibly perfect this sweet, little find was that I forgot to ask her when she actually found it...

but somehow her timing was impeccable.
One day I'll show you her house...

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